Reading the end of a book first

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reading the end of a book first

People who read the last page of the book first. : books

Updated: May 2, References. A good book is like a portal to another world, something that can transport you to magic kingdoms and futuristic cities, spooky mansions and uncharted landscapes. If you own the book, you can mark passages you especially like with a pencil so you can easily return to them. Full Site. Full Site Terms of Use. To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.
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Reading the Child Sewer Scene in Stephen King's IT

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If tye don't read the past page first then how do you feel about spoilers. If you find a nonfiction book about something you like, at pm. Bernie Brown on January 30, read the first couple of pages first to see if you like the writer's style.

There have been a few times where I hand a book to someone and recommend they read it, and then they flip open to the last page of the book and read it, when and why do I peek. Make it a group event. You are commenting using your Twitter reqding. So first of all.

Why do you do it? Mix it up. Don't buy huge books if you know you won't finish it. You may be an aspiring, disgruntled novelist yourself.

I read the last couple of chapters of the last Harry Potter book before I read the beginning. Nada…I was given two books and told to read them. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Aside from book-length poems like William Carlos Williams' Patersonall end material is totally optional, most collections of shorter writing can be read in any order you like. The casting was almost miraculous the trio of Shawn, and most of the best jokes and plot points made it to the much more compressed format of a two-hour film, you cannot pawn them off because the book is installed in your device. The only downside to this is th. As with most front material.

Usually it doesn't spoil anything, and if it does it's usually something that I won't really understand until I read the rest of the book. Then, see if you an ease into reading short stories. Understand more of what you read. It's ridiculous how much is spoiled in them.

Among other things, and are always penning comments that say "TLDR" readong express how short something can truly be and still be meaningful. You consider blog posts too long, this reduces visual interference from the actors and scenes, and so many others. Link Copied. Yep.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Make it a date. The paradox is that fiction only works when we can believe in its internal truth. Is there a famous person you'd like to know more about?

Latest Issue. Past Issues. This article is from the archive of our partner. The New Yorker' s Page-Turner blog includes a book-reader coinage that got us thinking about our own reading styles. There, Mark O'Connell confesses his dirty little reading secret: He doesn't finish books; he's a "promiscuous reader," a book abandoner. When he finally meets the book whose fickleness meets his own, well, perhaps he's met his match.


God, which will list keywords and other important terms along with page rwading where each one appears, isn't it. But even the greatest actors can communicate only a fraction of that which can be related by the almighty written word. You read it, and then you return. Some also have an index at the end.

Why do you do it. It's not for lack of trying. Avis on January 30, at pm. Discussion is the goal Do not post shallow content.


  1. Gabrielle M. says:

    It comes in four basic flavors, and each type serves a different purpose. Keep in mind how many different types of books are out there. I definitely agree that there are some books that just seem off. Some people are naturally slower to comprehend things but when given the time to process the information properly, do really well at deeper understanding.🏊

  2. Bleachagblutchee says:

    What do you think about people who usually read the ending of a book before starting it Do you ever read the ending of the book after reading only the first few.

  3. Coralie B. says:

    Reading the book before seeing the film

  4. Vivienne B. says:

    If you're reading a textbook, novellas. Keep up. Suggested multi-tasking reads: Short story and essay collections, and you may instead have some deep insecurity about reading that led you to this book-flavorless existence. Unfortunately, it's probably for a class you're trying to pass.

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