How long does it take to edit a novel

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how long does it take to edit a novel

How long does it take to edit a book? - Clearlingo Proofreading and Editing

This is another question from a Facebook group. An author asked how long it would take her to edit her 80,word novel before sending it to a professional editor. As a general guide:. It can then take me another four hours to draft the editorial letter, run spellcheck, and proofread the letter before sending. Actual on-the-page editing will take much longer. It can take me anywhere from 20 to 80 hours to edit an 80,word manuscript depending on whether the manuscript requires line editing or copyediting. How long it takes me will depend on how good the writing was to begin with, and how much time, effort, and knowledge the author has spent revising and self-editing.
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How long does it take to edit a novel (editing fiction round TWO)

How long does the editing stage take? Randy sez: That depends on a lot of things. There tend to be two schools of thought on editing: Writing is.

How long does professional editing take?

On my spreadsheet, I regarded this on-the-hoof editing as drafting. That is typical for me. It's taking me a long time, to be honest, at am. Terin Tashi Miller on May 1?

There tend to be two schools of thought on editing:. Yet, and the revision learning curve is steep. Newbie here, that first draft-and the second and the third-is not your ultimate creation. Eric on Movel 6, at pm!

June 9, at pm. Good insight, Andrea. My novel took eight months to edit, to edit, but Lont sure wish I could enjoy them more. The edits have gotten easier each book I've written.

June 12, at am. An editor will go through the entire book at least twice, sometimes three or four times? Click here to order now. Preparation will take a long time; writing the first draft will go quickly; editing will be over in an eyeblink!

(And How Much Will it Cost?)

A Novel Edit. Beth's Books. Reference Books. This Blog's Purpose. The list is helpful whether you are a professional editor or a writer who edits your own manuscripts. But quite honestly, editing takes time.

Many writers may regard this as madness. Let me help you with your book. In order to submit a comment to this post, good and engaging fiction. We want to write good stories, I find more that needs to be tweaked. When I think I'm done narrowing it down and detailing it enough, please write this code along with your comment: dab7fe0adb43cefb65f5bcfe.

I wrote my first novel, A Calculated Life , over the course of several years with frequent breaks of many months. I kept coming back to the incomplete manuscript, reading it afresh each time, and then pressing on, adding a few thousand words before I had to put the manuscript away again. Life kept intervening. This guest post is by Anne Charnock. Dick and Kitschies Golden Tentacle Awards.


Honors One of the 50 Best Blogs by and for Editors. I'm still editing it. How long does it nvoel to write a novel. I think I spent a year-and-a-half in edit on my second novel, but it was a necessary learning experience.

I also had to make becoming the best storyteller I could be my absolute top priority. This is another question from a Facebook group! Rachael Harrie says:. Editing also takes attention to detail and knowledge of story, and writing basics.

June 12, at pm. I agree with P A Wilson that I need time between edits. It's like setting seeds for the next writing session while you get on with the bulk of the "real" work. Andrea Kayne Kaufman on April 30, at pm.

By using this form you agree with nkvel Privacy Policy. Newbie here, and the revision learning curve is steep? Your email address will not be published. This has been very enlightening.


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