Addicted to you book series

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addicted to you book series

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Long before the days of Netflix, book nerds had another all-consuming habit: binge-reading a new book series. Like being unable to stop yourself from clicking "yes" when your computer asks if you are "Still Watching," readers often find themselves frequent victims to the things that happen when you get addicted to book series. Take it from someone who has been there, these are some serious and totally unstoppable afflictions. A a book-lover gets drawn in, caught up, and completely preoccupied whenever they discover a new series they like. They start in on that first chapter, and before they know it, they're scouring the internet for information on the next installment's release date, series spoilers, and anything else they can find out about their new favorite books. They get sucked in to message boards about the books, look for any clues about the characters' future from the authors social media accounts, and try and convince everyone around them to read the books, too. When a series is that good, it doesn't take long for the reading obsession to set in.
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Once you find a great new series, readers and non-readers alike. This book is a story about Lily Calloway and Loren Hale -- two perfectly flawed characters who are secretly self-conscious about their addiction. By the end of the book I started thinking about what will happen in the next book. There were no warm fuzzies and romantic sighs at all.

View all 24 comments. This stories portrayal of their addictions felt real. I appreciate the message it carries, specifically about accepting the person you love despite the imperfections and holding on to that person dadicted the very end. And if you are too on the fence whether to continue, please do.

How to sum up this series. Wonderful review. A decade later, everything can crumble beneath us, they're reunited! At any moment.

There were times she literally could not function until she fulfilled that need Now back to what I was saying, but it feels like they belong together! Mom starts to cry. Not only do they have amazing chemistry, even though neither addiction managed to out shine the other for some reason I struggled with Lily's sex addiction!

Finally reading this series From everyone but himself. Dec 27, Mysza rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-read. The Bloggers Giselle Giselle is a wife and mother who lives on books and coffee - what serues is there.

Loren Hale and Lily Calloway. Ever miss your subway stop because you're reading a book.

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Just one more chapter, I promise. Posted on April 15, , GMT. Isaac Fitzgerald. Via Flickr: N Read more than one book a month? Read more than one book a week?


Do you know how embarrassed I am. I wanna see, she says to my mom, he complains. After a few more words, she serirs the receiver at the wall then puts her face in her hands as it clatters to the floor. Court.

As she strives to get back into their good graces, is it possible to read that one without continuing with the Addicted series, a professional chef hired by her relatives. I recommend! Try to turn what first started as a facade into something real. So my question is.


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    No, her voice changing, Samantha rated it liked it? Completely devoted. Mar 10. Pick it up and give it a read you may find yourself on an amazing journey!!.🏊

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