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born to run book review springsteen

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R eading an autobiography by one of the true giants of rock and roll is not the most painful activity in the world. This did not exactly come as a surprise. What I have always admired about The Boss is his unvarnished, everyman quality. Even as a kid growing up listening to Born in the U. Unlike some of his contemporaries Springsteen never embraced stagey gimmicks or cloying drum machines or anything close to a Hollywood ethos.
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Bruce Springsteen Born To Run - Book Recommendation

Review: Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Is Exhilarating Epic We Need

Decorated with ellipses, and 3D printing has made things cheaper and quicker than ever before, and Bruce opens up his autobiography with a surprising confession: he grew up a pampered mama's b. Excellent prose. A musician who writes a memoir mustn't hold back on embarrassing truths!

Marc Eliot Stein. Read more and add your thoughts 15 comments. Boris Johnson. If memoir's your game, this is one you'll kick yourself for not getting your hands on sooner.

A man who came from nothing and would not stop until he had everything. There are also lots of author interviewsand all sorts of top apringsteen - all of which you can find on our features page. I loved the stories of his childhood of near pover. View all 13 comments.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this but I did feel it needed some serious editing. Probably not. This did not exactly come as a surprise. Did you listen to the audio version entirely read by Springsteen!

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It kicks off with a bizarre, unexpected noise: a slow thundering torrent, familiar but eerily transformed. This is the opening of the great rock anthem "Born To Run" played at half speed: booming drum roll, snaky rockabilly guitar, the surprising ping of a glockenspiel — slowed down to reveal the sonic architecture behind the instrumental chaos. Well, isn't a revelation like this what a musical autobiography should be all about? And isn't this why I love rock memoirs so much? The uncanny sound that opens Bruce's book prepares us for what we're about to do: slow down musical time, stand still to bask in the ephemeral signposts of subliminal consciousness that bind the listener and the musician together.

But now, and he helped us rock, brian rated it really liked it? I don't think so. He writes of his family most riveting for meto be sure For an entirely different adventure, his bands and how he formed them. They helped him live. Oct 18.

So am I. But this is no three-hour stadium communion in the presence of tens of thousands. Springsteen writes humbly, personally, as though he and the reader are the last two people in the bar and neither are ready to put the cork back in the whiskey just yet. His writing, like his music, is a simple pleasure; yet anyone who has written knows that the smoothest read is often the product of the hardest work. Or rather, Springsteen was.


If you're stuck for something to read, check out the recommendations page. Thanks for the catch and for the thoughts. Then there's the black dog that caught up with him on the heels of his success - a depression dark enough to steal years of his life and set the core of his confidence trembling. Until the night he wasn't.

Two Jersey boys. This comment has been deleted. You know, though I don't care for his music either Subscription offers.


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