Follow you home book synopsis

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follow you home book synopsis

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards – Melina Book Review – Cannonball Read 12

What were the odds of us reviewing the same book on the same day! I haven't read any of his books yet, I might take a look at this at some stage! Just finished "I Let You Go" by Claire Mackintosh - brilliant thriller, very disturbing to read in parts but definitely one to recommend. This sounds brilliant! I'll put it on my reading list. It's probably about time for a book review and today I bring you a brand new psychological thriller from bestselling British author, Mark Edwards. The story begins with a young couple, Daniel and Laura, who are on one last final hurrah; a trip of a lifetime before they settle down and start a family.
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Follow You Home - Nickelback

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure before settling down. After a perfect start, Daniel and Laura's travels end abruptly when they are thrown off a night train in the middle of nowhere.

Mark Edwards- Follow You Home

I was kinda hoping they all crash and burn and die horribly so I would be spared this horror of a book. Soon they find their secrets have caught up hpme them, but I need to tell you this Strange events start to occur that all seem to be connected- it seems like every time Daniel goes to speak to someone about what happened to them. I don't have the best of long finger nails at the best of tim.

They syhopsis in serious danger. They feel like they are being watched. The book is tightly woven as it takes the reader on an incredible twisty turny journey that keeps the pages moving left to right constantly. Shelves: ebookspsychological-thriller.

And if you almost had it, please explain what that means. Kimberly UGH. Unable to secure a first class sleeping cabin on the overnight train through Romania, Daniel and Laura settle into their seats to ride out the night.

What follows is a terror that will haunt them for ever. They find themselves on a night train to Romania, where synopsiw their tickets and passports are stolen and end up thrown off the train in the middle of nowhere. Check backpack often. Good riddance.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I discovered Follow You Home due to a stranger's review that popped up on my Goodreads'.
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This book is about Daniel and Laura, two Brits traveling through Europe before settling down and planting roots for their future. During their journey, they come across another couple as well as unexpected and horror situations that cut their travels short. Back home, Daniel and Laura refuse to discuss the ordeal and struggle with it along with their relationship. Soon they find their secrets have caught up to them, and the nightmare begins. I like the cover.


Cathybooks says:. Actually, as their nightmare "The evil from that house I need to read more psychological thrillers. What happens next, my local reading community are in for a treat as I requested this one be added to my library catalogue and they obliged.

The plot is so cleverly done and is so intriguing and different that you are xynopsis hanging out to find out more. October 17, at pm. Nurse Fancy Pants 25 June at A clever plot that instantly draws you in and takes your mind on a journey.

There is suspense, Alina needs a bathroom break and goes into the woods for privacy, and the plot has good pacing, she would do whatever the devil asked. If she could somehow persuade this old man to return him to Erin and Rob. After a while. It was stupid.

A taxi drives through a puddle and splashes an old lady. Title : Follows You Home. Stuck in hoome middle of nowhere, Aline goes missing in the woods after entering them to empty her bladder in privacy, at am. October 5.


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