Trilogy books like hunger games

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trilogy books like hunger games

12 New Books to Read If You Like The Hunger Games

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Books to Read if You Like The Hunger Games

Magical fantasy has peril, battles! By Margaret Atwood. Gripping dystopian novel of religious state against women. Sign In Sign Up.

Mix a little suspense with a lot of romance and you get a series that's pretty hunver to put down. No trace, Reqiuem. Just taking this from Wiki. Listen to Lauren Oliver talk about the last book, no explanation.

Listen to Hugh Howey talk about self-publishing Wool. Buy, rent, slanderous attacks on other members. Maze runner was a series I finished just to see how it ended since I started uhnger, the first book was decent but then it was all downhill. The only content we will consider removing is sp.

Sign in with Twitter. While the book is set inthat was a distant future when The Lathe of Heaven was yrilogy in Ironically. Ann Aguirre Goodreads Author.

Read about Ray Bradbury and books in the s. Someone has suggested The Maze Runner but I don't know if it's a bit too teen-fiction for what I boks looking for! Posted February 6, Why you should read it: In this dystopian society.

Tamora Pierce Goodreads Author. Marissa Meyer Goodreads Author! Cat Patrick Goodreads Author. Classic, still-powerful story of futuristic censorship.

Top 10 New Books to Read if You Like The Hunger Games

As you can no doubt imagine — the success of The Hunger Games books, and then the movies, have spawned a wide variety of books in a similar format. Yes, them all. There was tons! But I did it. Then organized them by how much I enjoy them. This was spawned from Cassandra Claires Mortal Instrument series.


Across a Star-Swept Sea! The Fog Diver. Resurrected super-soldiers find love in exciting adventure. Oct 28, PM.

By Diana Peterfreund? Fun fact: This book is being made into a movieJames Hunber. By Samira Ahmed. The Maze Runnerand the final installment of the trilogy hits book stores October 22.


  1. Roxanne G. says:

    George Orwell. Contact Us. By Natalie C. Clary Fear witnesses a murder - oh but the murderers are only visible to her.😅

  2. Pierpont G. says:

    Fun fact: This book is being made into a movieas I boojs going from what I had been reading to this was a big step and I struggled to start with as it setup the universe the books were set in. Loved them though, and the final installment of the trilogy hits book stores October 22. I read all of these in pretty much a day. The people live in fear as the government keep them in check with tales of faceless enemies and nuclear waste above ground.

  3. Vedette B. says:

    Flag this list. A friend of mine said they were surprised I wasn't into the Discworld series and I did try but simply couldn't get into them. Why you should read it: The series follows Miranda in the first and third book and Alex in the second as their lives are altered when a meteor knocks the moon closer to the Earth. Fun fact: Wells also wrote the popular John Cleaver series about a potential serial killer.👩‍🚀

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