Vlsi basics questions and answers pdf

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vlsi basics questions and answers pdf

VLSI Basic Viva Questions and Answers | Mosfet | Cmos

Question 1. Question 2. Give The Advantages Of Ic? Question 3. Question 4. Question 5. Question 6.
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Basic Electronics Quiz Questions (18 Questions With Fully Answers)

Top 17 VLSI Interview Questions & Answers These are the basic three types of gates where Boolean logic work, apart from Download PDF.

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What is the fundamental goal in Device modeling. Question 7. Compare and Contrast Synchronous and Asynchronous reset. What is known as test data register.

I was not so lucky my friend? What are the uses of Stick diagram. Give 5 important Design techniques you would follow when doing a Layout for Digital Circuits. Explain self-test techniques and IDDQ testing.

Low voltage swing logic. Low delay sensitivity to load. Microprocessor Interview Questions. These are especially important tools for layout built from large cells.

Low packing density. Zero delay control Types of event-based timing control: 1. Explain self-test techniques and IDDQ testing. This reduction is quesfions to process variations The measures that can be taken are: Creation of powerful runset files that consists of spacing and shorting rules.

The setup time is the interval before the clock where the data must be held stable. Prelayout simulation. Answer : The observability of a particular internal circuit node is the degree to which one can observe that node at the outputs of an integrated circuit. Write Notes On Manufacturing Tests.

These tests assert that all the gates in the chip, achieve a desired function, What is fault grading. January 13. So this results in slow raise or fall times.

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Cmos Interview Questions. Define Fall Time. What Is Switch-level Modeling. Answer : PMOS consists of metal oxide semiconductor that is made on the n-type substrates and consists of active careers named as holes. That's the reason why we need not size them like in CMOS.

CMOS interview questions. Latch-up pertains to a failure mechanism wherein a parasitic thyristor such as a parasitic silicon controlled rectifier, or SCR is inadvertently created within a circuit, causing a high amount of current to continuously flow through it once it is accidentally triggered or turned on. Depending on the circuits involved, the amount of current flow produced by this mechanism can be large enough to result in permanent destruction of the device due to electrical overstress EOS. Additionally, the gate-leakage in NAND structures is much lower. Explain the procedure to determine Noise Margin The minimum amount of noise that can be allowed on the input stage for which the output will not be effected. In order to drive the desired load capacitance we have to increase the size width of the inverters to get an optimized performance.


Synchronous reset doesn't allow the synthesis tool to hasics used easily and it distinguishes the reset signal from other data signal. In general multiple MOS devices are made on a common substrate. The signal that has to drive the output cap will now see a larger gate capacitance of the BIG inverter. This type of implantation is known as Channel-stop implantation.

On application What is Design Hierarchy. Interview Tips 5 ways to be authentic in an interview Tips to help you face your job interview Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview questions 5 things you should never talk in any job interview Best job interview tips for job seekers 7 Tips to recruit the right candidates in 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most What are avoidable questions in an Interview. What are the advantages of Twin-tub process.


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    Design entry. What are the advantages of CMOS process. Synchronous reset doesn't allow the synthesis tool to ans used easily and it distinguishes the reset signal from other data signal. And in the digital electronic, the logic high is denoted by the presence of a voltage potential.

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    What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor? The pure Silicon is known as Intrinsic Semiconductor. When impurity is added with pure Silicon, its electrical properties are varied. This is known as Extrinsic Semiconductor. What are four generations of Integration Circuits? 👸

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