Managerial economics and financial accounting pdf

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managerial economics and financial accounting pdf

JNTU Managerial economics and financial analysis syllabus

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Published 04.05.2019

What is Demand? Law of Demand & Types of Demand

Accounting vs. Economics: What's the Difference?

Discuss its anc and importance. When the output decreasessuch as the inflation rate and the productivity rate. Profit planning become necessary under the conditions of uncertainty. It includes the tracking and study of the many factors that affect how efficiently the economy works, the variable cost also decreases.

It is not confined to the effect of price change. A certain quantity of output can be produced with different Input combinations. To make accurate forecast. Evolutionary Approach: In this method, the demand for new product is estimated on the basis of existing product.

Range of Prices- if the products at very high price or at very low price having anf demand since a slight change in price will not affect the quantity demand. A manager has to make plan for the future e. There is a mix up of the two. Pay levels tend to be higher in the area of financial accounting and somewhat lower for managerial accounting, perhaps because there is a perception that more training is required to be fully conversant in financial accounting.

Very short period Market period 2. That is if factors of production are increased, each by 10 percentage then the output also increases by 10 percentage The laws of production Production function shows the relationship between a given quantity of input and its maximum possible out put. Price relatively elastic portion of the demand curve of the first degree -charging different price for different persons for the same product! It is purely practical oriented.

Accounting and economics both involve plenty of number-crunching. But accounting is a profession devoted to recording, analyzing, and reporting income and expenses, while economics is a branch of the social sciences that is concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of resources.
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Much more than documents.

Refer book. Order inspection copy. This text will be useful to all engineering students needing to familiarize themselves with managerial economics and financial analysis. This aims at making the subject comprehensible for the students. The textbook offers students a lucid introduction to the subject. This book blends simple language and lucid explanations to facilitate easy comprehension and learning of the concepts. Conforms to the JNTU syllabus and covers topics comprehensively 2.


Examples are rent, salaries. Development a mathematical model or equation that indicates the relationship between independent and dependant variables. Alternate uses of Scares means- Economic resources not only scarce but have alternate uses also! What is meant by economies of scale.

Private Cost of Production Private Costs Private cost are the costs incurred by a firm in production a commodity or service. What are the methods for forecasting demand for the new product. A monopolist is able to charge different price for his products to the different customers. The price determination by the industry is given in the following diagram.

Thus it represents the rate of change in quantity demanded due to a change in price. This method makes use of time series data over a period of time. Condition within the Industry Price -product-competition policy of firms within the industry. Expansion of existing plants etc .

Both positive and normative science. Inelastic supply of fixed factors in the short run Cobb-Douglas Production Function. The following table shows the demand schedule of an individual consumer for apple. A businessman can rely on the following facts.


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