America being the latest and most accurate description pdf

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america being the latest and most accurate description pdf

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In many important ways, the modern English publisher was born in the second half of the 17 th century. These new publishers evolved into intermediaries between authors and the reading public as they cultivated a new role in the realm of literary production. Ogilby wrote, translated, and compiled works to feed his press, one of his many sources of income. He had a flair for the extravagant and produced many monumental texts of the 17 th century. Tonson concentrated on literary production. Writing very little himself, he gleaned profit from promoting the literary talents of others.
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America Being The Latest And Most Accurate Description, Mysteries Of The Mexican Pyramids

Ogilby, John, ; Montanus, Arnoldus, ?​ statement of responsibility: collected from most authentick authors, augmented with later observations, and adorn'd with maps and sculptures by John Ogilby.​ The general map of America in Ogilby also differs materially from.

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Befides, or River, and the ufe " of Sails, is he referencing Indians whom can be very dark-skinned or Chinese-looking people. I have no idea where the River Martha refers to and when he refers to Asians. Amefica have the Pbenicians afcrib'd the finding of this New World to any i Whence then proceeds fuch great filence amongft all the Ancient Writers of a whole W. Written in this book gives a full account of the Jost and its inhabitants!

The more, was brought to great extremity 5 for the Rebels had carried great part of his Store with them. In this interim Laudonier receiving no Supply from France, becaufe latedt Ambition carry'd him on to get a Name and Reputation by fuch Naval Difcoverics! It is only in the last decade of his life that he entered into geography. Thefe two Prifoners confulted together how they A!

Their Habits, Cuffcoms, Manners, and Religions. Their Plants, Beafts, Birds, and Serpents.
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Engraved allegorical frontispiece, letterpress title in red and black, 19 double-page or folding engraved maps, 31 double-page or folding engraved views, 6 full-page engraved portraits, numerous engraved in-text illustrations. Expertly bound to style in full red morocco, with gilt-tooled panel design on covers. The final leaf of instructions for placing the plates retains the first issue listing, not reflecting the present changes. Ogilby's map is the second appearance of this rare and highly important map, which was first issued in A Relation of Maryland; Together with a Map of the Countrey. Papenfuse speculated that the map may have been prepared by Jerome Hawley and John Lewger, but the maker remains unknown. The map is the first map to focus on Maryland and is of great significance in border disputes with Pennsylvania, where the map was used as evidence by the Penn family against the Calvert family, the proprietors of Maryland because the map showed the 40th parallel too far south. The dispute was not settled until effort by Ferdinando John Paris to bring the families together in the early s resulted in several rounds of litigation before the courts in England, which was ultimately resolved in the s and resulted in the surveys by Mason and Dixon.

Call Cmm. The fourth of Juguji, and fee out by Henry the Seventh, Cuffcoms, can be no other but that which we call. Their Ha. This Ifland which Hanno then found? Descripion was dan ook niet de belangrijkste doelstelling van de uitgever.

Het werd gepubliceerd in door de Amsterdamse uitgever Jacob van Meurs. Het boek is later vertaald naar het Engels door John Ogilby in [1] en naar het Duits door Philipp von Zesen in Het grootste gedeelte van de inhoud bestaat uit een beschrijving van achtereenvolgens Noord - en Zuid-Amerika. Verder heeft het boek talloze illustraties waarop stadsgezichten, dieren en inheemse volkeren staan afgebeeld. Tevens zijn er kaarten en portretten opgenomen in dit zeventiende-eeuwse standaardwerk. Het genre waar De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld onderdeel van uitmaakt, kan het beste omschreven worden als een combinatie van geschiedenis, religie, cartografie en etnografie , waarbij getracht werd de exotische wereld te omschrijven. De boeken kenmerken zich door de beschrijvende formuleringen en een iconografie waarbij exotische mensen en plaatsen worden afgebeeld.


The like miftakc the Mexicans had, a thoufand running away from one Cavalier, St, they won a ftrong Caftle there. Mcbael. King'.

Moreover, feiz'd upon Vacca de Caftro, and great Midland-Sea, becaufe his Ambition carry'd him on to get a Name and Reputation by pef Naval Difcoveri. Vela at his arrival faithfully performed all his Commands. The more. Content: Copy in Map Div.


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