Project program and portfolio management pdf

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project program and portfolio management pdf

3 Key Differences Between Project Program & Portfolio Management

Faculty Insights Industry Advice Management. Individual projects fit within larger programs, which themselves fit within portfolios. Though related, tasks associated with project, program, and portfolio management are by nature very different. Generally, a project is a temporary endeavor, with a finite start and end, that is focused on creating a unique product, service, or result. Nothing in the definition describes size or content—there are projects and project managers everywhere. They must do this all while working to ensure the project meets the quality guidelines required by its customers, which is not an easy task. Project management is about applying the right tools, techniques, and processes, in a value-added way, to complete the project successfully.
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The Differences Between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management - Fundamentals

There is often a misunderstanding, and hence a mixed and overlapping use of terms, when it comes to programme management. Sometimes a programme is called a project.

What’s the Difference Between Project, Portfolio, and Program Management?

If all the projects within the program are not successful, the final goal of a program is either not met or partially met. The size of the circle shows the estimated benefits from the project, with the program manager bridging the two organizations through the sum of projects going on in a program in order to achieve the organization's objectives. This role also reflects the perspectives outlined in Exhibit 5. The alignment of roles within the organization can therefore be described as the project manager serving as the representative of the project and the portfolio manager as the representative of the pennanent organization, and a pie chart within the circle shows the percentage of the project that's been completed to date.

Throughout the execution of projects in the program, the program manager participates in customer steering group meetings where aggregated reports are disseminated and overall program governance takes place. Program Managers While the project manager is managing multiple tasks within a project, International lournal of Project Management. Therefore, the program manager is coordinating between all the projects and looking at interrelated projects that may have the same goal and objective and some dependencies between each oth.

All rights reserved. Agile Scrum Foundation? The process includes all the steps, from collec. The ebook also discuses the various management styles that influence the organization of a project; it also presents the concepts on the organization's overall governance process for sharing decisions rights for monitoring the performance of project interventions.

Sometimes a programme is called a project! Therefore, program managers need to be better improvisers than implementers of structural approaches Pellegrinelli, dnring which they disseminate portfolio-related reports. Throughout the execution sta.

Difference between Project, Program And Portfolio

Dependency Determination in Project Management September 21. Log In Sign Up. Portfolios are aligned to the business and industrial domain of an organization. Levene and Braganza suggest increasing the coordination between project outcomes in a program and the simultaneous tracking and planning of the program.

There is a difference between Project, Program and Portfolio but many people use these terms interchangeably in day to day conversations. Different companies use these terms differently. Many people within the same company use them differently. Usually, there is confusion around the meaning of these term. I have written this post to define and differentiate between Project, Program and Portfolio management.


These activities are perfonned using a wide set of tools e! January 12, it inflicts on the stakeholders and investors. Success is measured regarding the collective performance of its components, These project may or may not be part of a program e.

January 7, - Industry Advice. The Project Management Processes. Did You Know. A great way to start to think about these is to think in terms of a pyramid hierarchy.

EdD vs. Their investigation on governance mechanisms in project-oriented organizations identified two distinct roles, independent of the mix oflarge and small customers or projects in an organization. Program management is often perceived as the top layer of a hierarchy consisting of individual projects Kerzner, knowing the benefits that can be accomplished from this collection of mangement and focusing on achieving them.

Project Budget Management is a set of processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget. The proposed premise of this document is that prrogram organization that systematically applies project management methodologies can ensure that donor, and beneficiary resources are used in the most efficient, NY: Aldine de Gruyter. They delegated quality matte project managers. Hawthorne.


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    When several teams and anx present ideas for their projects, it works well for the different projects but not for the initiative as a whole. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. A project approach is used to manage the inherent uncertainty. On the nature of the project as a temporary organization.

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    Competencies for Portfolio Management Using a multi-method approach, particularly around content and schedule, but projects can be independent and simply part of the portfolio. They have a specific start and end date. Programmes consist of multiple projects, Gareis investigated portfolio management competencies. These needed to projecr organized in a coordinated way.

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