Water treatment exam questions and answers pdf

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water treatment exam questions and answers pdf

Level 4 Water Treatment Exam

We would like to thank the systems and operators who have supported us for over 27 years! Ragsdale and Associates have been providing the best Water and Wastewater technical training available in New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Nevada since Our training programs have received national recognition for presentation and content. We do not teach the answers to an exam. Fred was and has been involved in the ABC certification process since its inception.
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Test Questions for the Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

This is a secondary drinking water standard:. A disinfection by product associated with ozone is:. Health effects. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Quizzes and Practice Tests Each lesson includes a quiz. Reduced by product formation. The ABC formula sheet is provided, and you must bring a non-programmable calculator. Copper sulfate.

Operators will take their certification test on a computer at one of the proctored locations throughout New York State or other locations nationwide. The easiest way to understand how it works is to look at the following image. Qyestions bacteriological test that measures only the presence or absence of coliform is:. The term "CT" stands for:.

Helpful Resources:. The main purpose of coagulation is to:. There are 35 individual lesson modules included in this course. In short, and then pushing it out.

These questions may help prepare you for certification by identifying areas in The correct answers and reference material for each question are found in the If a customer complains about the drinking water characteristics, the operator.
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Sample Handout

American Water College has developed a thorough exam prep curriculum. Taking an exam prep course will give you the confidence you need going into your certification exam. When I pass it I hope to use this same program to take the D4 right away. The American Water College student support team is ready and able to answer your questions. We can help you with everything from selecting the right course to explaining math problems. Online courses allow you to work through the material at your own pace, and continue reviewing until you take your exam.

Bring photo identification and any admittance paperwork with you to the test site. November 9, I successfully completed testing this week for a grade three in both Wastewater and Wastewater Collections thanks to you guys. Read more: Training Materials. Other helpful references include: "Spellman's Standard Handbook for Wastewater Operators" is a three 3 volume set that has review questions and answers at the end of each chapter.

Although the exams can be taken at any time, DEP highly recommends preparing through coursework or reviewing course material. Regardless of the exam, DEP recommends to brush up on basic math, biology and some chemistry. Certification prepcourses range from one-day refreshers to hour certificate programs specific to drinking water or wastewater. Courses and study materials are also available for each of the individual subclasses. The descriptions and module files can be found here.


The main advantage of chloramination over chlorination is:. Contact DEP. Secondary drinking water standards are generally based upon:. Sign in Don't have an account.

Passed on the first try - couldn't have treatent it without your manuals. Navigation menu. You do a great service for the wastewater industry. These handbooks are available from CRC Press.

There are 32 individual lesson modules included in this course. Physical removal and chemical inactivation. A common form of sludge removal in rectangular sedimentation basins is:. Click here for the most recent program information.

As you can see above, it acts like a plunger and piston. Use the online flashcards to review highly tested treatment and system facts, and memorize math equivalents and formulas! Brilliant green bile. Courses and study materials are also available for each of the individual subclasses.


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