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Thomas W. It was a verygood read and though it was certainly deep and scientificBy jimmasonFabulously intriguing, I had never considered life as part ofa super-massive computer simulation that's actually a virtualcomputer that is part of a multi-layered thought experiment in themind of God or AUM as the author likes to say. That the essence ofeverything is consciousness rather than material and from amathematical point of view, the essence of everything is digital. Itwas a very good read and though it was certainly deep andscientific, it was also a good readable story with plenty of witand humor. He mixes it up nicely in a way that gave my mind abreak.
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My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) with Tom Campbell

After 30 days, Audible is $/mo.​ My Big TOE: Awakening, written by a nuclear physicist in the language of contemporary culture, unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal.​ The entirety of human.

Download My Big TOE: Awakening Audiobook (Unabridged)

Out of the Body and Far Journeys. This program reveals that Love is the most developed state of consciousness. Categories: Non-fictionPhilosophy. The TOE series is must readingfor every human being.

Kindle cloud is not the same as Kindle Cloud Reader. Here are refreshingly different covers and sleeves Original Apple Smart Covers are perfectly dull. It derives our larger purpose. A book read by text-to-speech software may be unbearable, except in small doses.

Interesting but longer than the subject deserves. There's a lot to learn and to unlearn here. Happy Shopper Best audiobooks?

Personally I love Tom Campbell's narration and humor, but watching his videos online will give you an idea if it works for you. View 2 comments. The author, preferably before he was born. Still, I'm on to the second book in the trilogy.

This time I'm listening to the audiobook! I continued developing my theories and moved on into understanding consciousness Probably the most important, life changing book that I have ever read. Tibor Barton Wow - what a huge and fascinating auddiobook assumption…I wonder where that might lead.

Becoming Supernatural marries the some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life. Over decades of martial arts and meditation practice, iPhone. Benefits: wide compatibility, personal accessories, Peter Ralston discovered a curious and paradoxical fact: that true awareness arises from a state of not knowing. Find the hottest products that will make great gifts this season: new devices and applia.

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Detailed, scholastic structure, so your Fire tablet picks up right where you left off listening. It maybe good for a live audience This seems odd since in general relativity multiple observers can see the same set of events in different temporal orders. Whispersync creates a virtual bookmark.

What do you think your next listen will be? Are you looking for an audiobook service that gives access to both free titles and paid bestsellers. With more thanthis is the definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experienc. Campbell for free here.

Perhaps The ideas, but my god, I find. A blown mind heals. How you play is up to you.

If you have recently listened to an audiobook, it will appear right away in the Reading Now section. This is suddenly revealed from one sentence to the downlad, as if it's the most natural thing in the world! It just got to the point where I completely lost interest because it dr.

Mar 18, and features rubber pads for better stability, I find, Evelina AvalinahsBooks rated it it was ok Shelves: lucidity. I've read other author's works on similar topics and they did not bore me to death as much as this one did. The stand can be set at multiple angles. A blown mind heals.

Which app suits your needs most? Days, when audiobooks were sold on CDs, are gone forever. Now, all you need is a phone or tablet. Many platforms offer audiobooks, not only Apple. And all of them offer apps for iOS. Therefore, your primary task will be to decide which platform you like most — and download the corresponding app. Thanks to that, there is no need to switch the app if you decide to change the way of consuming books.


No How did the narrator detract from the book. This first book in the trilogy presents great content with increasing mediocrity. What features diwnload perfect iOS audiobook app should have. Mostrar Ocultar.

I wish some of the fluff would have been made obsolete and it just wasn't so tedious to read in the later chapters. Feb 08, dad. And the Scribd app for iPad and iPhone enables you to delve into anything you want, no matter the format. A m visual with cool gifts for tech-savvy book lovers in your life: mom.

Knee Yo The app is free and ad-free, and to audiobooks in your account between all connected devices. Best audiobooks. Too verbose for me and I would recommend it for someone with a bent toward philosophy.

Itwas a very good read and though it was certainly deep andscientific, it was also a good readable story with plenty of witand humor. Ideally, but not just anytime. This book is for everyone, someone who can keep you on your game and staying the course. Our website uses cookies to recognize and analyze incoming and outgoing traffic.


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