Whirligig book questions and answers

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whirligig book questions and answers

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Whirligig is a novel by Paul Fleischman. It is about a teenager who builds a Whirligig in each of the corners of the United States in order to pay restitution and to find redemption for himself after he kills another person, by accident, in a suicide attempt by car crash. Seventeen-year-old Brent Bishop has moved with his parents in Chicago, Illinois. He goes to a party in an attempt to fit in and become popular. He decides to talk to Brianna, a popular girl at the party.
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This is a recurring theme around Brent because of the direct and serious consequences that come from his many. A quick comprehension quiz to check for understanding of the first two chapters.

Whirligig - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

Students will be asked to think about certain themes that appear in the novel. The end of Brent's journey. Log In Join Us. Lea flying a kite.

To do bok imagery to help Stephanie get a boyfriend. Unit Plans. He realizes he belongs with people even if it's noisy and chaotic. Print Share Edit Delete.

Lea as a dog chasing a cat. Atlanta, GA. She asks him to say a prayer every day. Whirligig Novel Study - Complete Guide.

Angered, Brent retaliates and then drives away and tries to kill himself by crashing his questiona. Learn whirligig test book with free interactive flashcards. Charlie Chaplin. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style.

Lea playing the harp. Nothing, it's just a bird. Which of the following allusions are made in the novel. Where does Brent stay in California instead of staying at the Sheraton like his parents wanted.

Check out our pre-made Literature worksheets? Henry Holt and Company. Filter By Grade Grade 9. Namespaces Article Talk.

Pronunciation: WUR lee gig.
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Whirligig book questions free

I recommend picking up the book at your local library or boostore and reading the chapter to gain an understanding of the chapter and create your own summary. She realizes that not all people are bad like Hitler. San Diego, CA. Whirligig pattern 6 10 from 45 Simple to make using whirliigg full size patterns, exploded diagra.

In San Diego, California! Montfort High. It was five thirty- five. Liesl Johnson, M.

Lea flying a kite. Robinson Crusoe. Played 39 times. Engaging lessons, critical.

She wants him to suffer like her daughter did. Whirligig Quizzes. Com community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question whirligig book questions and answers you might have on Whirligig. Because Brent's story alone is boring.

Lea's head with pinwheels and shells. In Auschwitz, a concentration camp. All the whirligigs bopk made. These are prompts that will help your students meet success in standardized tes. Have fun.

Played 39 times. Print Share Edit Delete. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete!


A marching band with Lea as the clarinet player. Find a quiz All quizzes. Lea as a mermaid on a whale's spout. His mother bans him from watching baseball.

She wants him to suffer like her daughter did. A motel? Question 1. Chaz, the party host.

His family needed money so he began working. Languages Add links. Angered, Brent retaliates and then drives away and tries to kill himself by crashing his car. The students can practice defending their opinions and practice being open to new ideas.

PowerPoint PresentationsActivities. The American Dream. The shearwater bird in Flaco's story is symbolic of: being alone poverty peace. Questions and Answers.


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