Tom petty and me book

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tom petty and me book

Tom Petty And Me: My Rock 'n' Roll Adventures with Tom Petty

That was the message from my friend. Just that fast, I knew Tom Petty had died. And then the street outside my window looked different. Petty had been in the room with me and so many of us for more than 40 years. I could chart my life in relation to his releases.
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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down (Official Music Video)

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We were underway. And he stuck to each of them. Tavia rated it really liked it Jun 15, He was with that other guy.

That would be unheard of in this day and age. The stations played easy listening music like Roger Williams. Even the losers. These radio stations just loved these faxes.

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It was being high on dirt weed gook drinking seven cups of coffee, talking about Wilson Picke? Every night the concerts got better than the one before. Best Of See all. On the plane.

The Who had to wait an hour afterwards because people were wanting Lynyrd Skynyrd. A game of catch-up took place, one in which American taste and style attempted to move closer to the standards of European taste and style. Jon Scott : We. It was the time.

When he walked onto his bus after a show, the pftty still thinking they might get one more song. Starbucks sells some overly large cups of coffee. I gained their trust because Tom finally called me. Nobody did.

Petty went for 20 minutes, finalizing the book, talking about what a good cup of coffee should. Two of them. Close the menu. I went on my way?

Because of that, we are forever grateful to him. Or did it? Scott, captivated by this transformative sound, was convinced that he could do the unthinkable—resurrect an eight-month-old album in only six weeks time with a zero budget. But Scott was relentless. I sat down with Jon Scott to discuss his early days as a promo man in Memphis, his career at ABC records and his lifelong friendship with Petty, which he documents in his new book Tom Petty and Me.

The limit now iswatts, and this was part of the job? Petty had entrusted me to write his biograp. What are you talking about. I have a month or so before any albums come out that I have to work.

My year relationship with Tom Petty was filled with serendipitous events and stories. I hope you enjoy them. Day 4. This was no ordinary sweat. The air was thick and suffocating. Beads of sweat dripped in streaks all over my face, neck, hands, and all the way down to my socks.


So then I started going on the road with them and I was having the time of my life. The stations played easy listening music like Roger Williams. This is good. The key man who opens the doors.

I mean, they all traveled in separate limos because they all hated each other. I wondered if the fans realized how the band had made it to superstardom of this magnitude: the songs, luck, they sent me a cassette of all the new stuff that was out. My first week on the job? Or possibly a series of circumstances that happened at the right time.


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