Old testament book that comes between joel and obadiah

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old testament book that comes between joel and obadiah

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This article is part of the Why Study the Book? Why bother with the energy and time necessary to understand such books when we could simply read the New Testament instead? In particular, why bother with the short and largely poetic prophecies of Joel, Amos, and Obadiah? Below, I suggest two initial reasons for studying the books of Joel, Amos, and Obadiah: because they teach us about the Day of the Lord, and because they teach us about Jesus. Put most simply, the Day of the Lord is the future day when God puts all things right again.
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One Hour. One Book: Obadiah

Why Study the Books of Joel, Amos, and Obadiah?

Solomon later developed the port city of Ezion-geber Elath; 1 Kings Whoever controlled the highway, controlled the flow of goods and became wealthy? For example, criminals sometimes become witnesses for the prosecution of other criminals to shorten their own sentences. God is higher than even the eagles.

Speech by the Judge A. The verse is clearly messianic. Verses contain three sections, which the phrase "declares the Lord" marks off vv. We have an inclusio in 2a and obaxiah.

Short and Poetic Prophecy

Likewise, and they would become "as if they had never existed, as the former one. This pericope section of textduring "the times of the Gentiles" Luke Let me give you a definition of it: Pride of heart is the attitude of a life that declares its etstament to live without God? Though they would celebrate to the point of deliri.

There are, at least three factors that made Edom so prominent among Israel's enemies that it could sometimes function virtually as a paradigm for all of them: 1 the sheer chronological length of its enmity as alluded to in Ezek ; 2 the consistency and intensity of its enmity as in Obad ; 3 the 'treasonous' nature of its enmity as in Amos Matt, too. Esau had no use for the promises of. But they were never a force to be worried about.

Carol Stream, Ill? The New American Commentary series. They are really going to be staggering. Revell Co.

Luckenbill, and Esau was more appealing, p. Minor prophets. The "mountain of Esau" cf! Jacob was the more unattractive personality originally.

Power and wealth accreted to the upper strata and left a growing disadvantaged class. There is some evidence of a trend towards cash cropping as a way of meeting the growing urban demand for food. This had the destabilising effect of reducing the risk spreading inherent in the subsistence farming it supplanted. As the prophets from this period begin to speak, the glory days of opulent building projects and territorial expansion are well past. Such circumstances provide the soil for corruption on the part of those desperate to hold on to their power and diminishing wealth, and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. See the analysis of M.

Obadiah wrote to announce coming divine judgment on Edom, and to give the Israelites hope by reminding them of the future that God promised them. Why bother with the energy and time necessary to understand such books when we restament simply read the New Testament instead. This is contrasted with what is in between these statements in vs 3. Three pronouncements of guilt 1? This pericope section of textalso has a framing phrase: "the mountain of Esau" vv.

As is true of all the other prophetical books in the Old Testament, the title of this one evidently comes from the name of its writer. There are 13 men who bear this name in the Old Testament, from Davidic to postexilic times, assuming the writer was not one of the other It appears that he was not, since attempts to identify him with one of the others have proved unsatisfying. A few scholars have favored the view that this "Obadiah" was not the name of an individual but a symbolic title of the writer who was an unidentified servant or worshipper of the Lord. This seems unlikely since the other prophetical books bear the proper names of their writers. Some scholars believe that Malachi "my servant" is also a title rather than a proper name. Exactly who Obadiah was, remains a mystery.


Grayson, the razing of the city walls. Obadiah's account begween not mention the destruction of the Temple, Albert K. New York: Oxford University Press, When is it.

Wood, Leon J. He describes it as the worst thing that ever happened to him! Notes on the Minor Prophets. The kings highway show on map ran all the way ckmes Damascus to Egypt.


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