The book deep dark and dangerous

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the book deep dark and dangerous

Deep and Dark and Dangerous by nikki bailey on Prezi

All rights reserved. Deep and Dark and Dangerous Use this set. In a box of books from her late grandmother's house. It was in the book, The Bungalow Mystery. Sycamore Lake at Gull Cottage. Claire, Dulcie, and another girl whose name began with a T. Lake is cold and deep.
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Deep and Dark and Dangerous Chapter 1

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She said her mom used get dwep things from the church rummage sale. Retrieved 13 May. This is probably true to life, but I think middle grade readers would appreciate spending time with her more than I did. They both claim to have no memory of another girl.

Readers also enjoyed. To ask other readers questions about Deep and Dark and Dangerousplease sign up. When, h. Previous Next.

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Your Comments. Sissy got her down to the water and was trying to get Emma to get into the canoe. The most weirdest thing about Sissy was that she started talking about a girl named Teresa who drawn in the very same lake when Ali's aunt and mom just to come here in the summers. Deep Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn is an excellent book if you're veep in paranormal books.

The Life of Pi. He said Dulcie and Claire were not responsible for the death. Invalid email address. I just finished reading this fabulous book.

The plot line could be considered predictable no major plot twistsDark. I was so engrossed in this book that I did not put it down for a second. When they found the doll on the grave. In the book Deep, though it's MG so that's not really unusual for the catego.

Sort order. Her cousin's continuous nightmares of bones beneath the wide lake and her mysterious friend, Sissy they met. Her aunt and her siblings haven't been to the house since they book little and they avoid all questions about why they won't go to the house. It all started when the main character Ali was looking through her mom's old photographs.

All Ali could make out was long hair and an arm. Invalid email address. Then the protagonist suddenly changes her mind about the ghost and is her best friend, for no discernible reason. View all 11 comments. She was out on the lake in Dulcie's and Claire's father's canoe.

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. When a girl named Ali goes on vacation with her aunt and cousin things change Questions are asked. Why does no one know about Sissy? Who is she?


For summer she is going to Gull Cottage, and Sissy is at last satisfied that Dulcie's secret has been exposed, where ali finds out, is the huge plot twist. Instead of telling them in words, I told them in pictures. The best part of this bo. The unusual story becomes national news.

Start your review of Deep and Dark and Dangerous. In the book Deep Dark and Dangerous, Claire. She was Claire's 8th birthday present from her mother. Dulcie, how did Dulcie react to Emmas questions about the name on the board game.


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