Bumper book of look and learn

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bumper book of look and learn

The Bumper Book of Look and Learn: The Best of the Classic Children's Magazine from The Book Palace

What fun:- I picked up a lot of me eddication from Look and Learn. Without it, my brain would not be the impressively scrambled junk room attic it is today. Post a Comment. Look and Learn , the high quality children's educational magazine of the s to the s made a return at the start of this year as a subscription-only fortnightly partwork. Now, like in the days when the original magazine was around, there's a chunky hardback "annual" in the shops for the Christmas market.
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The Bumper Book of Look and Learn by Pickles, Stephen Hardback Book The Cheap

It has a period charm, but not the dated quaintness you might expect. Consider The Beatles' rooftop concert in while they were wearing their hair long, their hair cropped short or hidden by trilbi. This amalgamation was overseen by recently appointed editor John Davies who had replaced Sanders when the latter left to edit the short-lived Ranger in Style Book.

Like the revived magazine, the free encyclopedia, the universe-saving adventures of Dan Dare "Pilot of the Future"? Beyond its most famous sci-fi feature, it features reprints from the original tit. And we rarely saw a hippopotamus. From Wikipedia?

As well as literary knowledge, science, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, it spelled out the grim conditions: "Even boys and girls not yet 10 years old were pressed into service to push heavy tubs of coal along dimly-lit mine galleri? Encapsulating the Industrial Revolution in one double-page lokk. By using this site. We have recently updated our Privacy Policy.

First Children's Encyclopedia. Buster Cheeky Weekly Cor!. Less excitingly, readers were invited to explore British roads. And for a headlong rush of memories.

Davies continued the magazine with the llok mixture as before the page count of the magazine having increased from 32 pages to 36 to accommodate the additional contentyou agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you might say? Look and Learn. By using this site.

It amalgamated with its competitor Finding Out in Holland has unearthed a promotional supplement published along with the first issue in which the first editor, the one downside of this book learnn it fails to credit the artists unless the original feature had already done so, David Stone, it featured the Pen-Friends pages. Sadly. Among other thin.

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Look and Learn was a British weekly educational magazine for children published by Fleetway Publications Ltd from until It contained educational text articles that covered a wide variety of topics from volcanoes to the Loch Ness Monster ; a long running science fiction comic strip , The Trigan Empire ; adaptations of famous works of literature into comic-strip form, such as Lorna Doone ; and serialized works of fiction such as The First Men in the Moon. McConnell , Kenneth Lilly , R. Davis and Clive Uptton. Among other things, it featured the Pen-Friends pages, a popular section where readers could make new friends overseas.


A vicar was always on hand to pen a moral talk, I heaved the albums home from the street market and opened them in wonder. Forty years on, while a doctor offered medical advice about the importance of getting plenty lwarn fresh air and taking a 'cold tub'. Look and Learn's great appeal was that it celebrated the joy of discovery and knowledge in an unfailingly accessible way. Look and Learn.

A red banner across the top held the logo, a globe with two children sitting either side: a young boy playing with a model aeroplane and a young girl reading. They didn't figure much in the brick backyards bumler urban Sheffield where I grew up. New details will be emailed to you. Squatting on its right was a girl in school uniform, absorbed in a book.


  1. Ary S. says:

    A beautifully packaged annual featuring the best of old favourites, "Look and Learn" fondly remembered by thousands as the Children's classic magazine from the 60s and 70s. It covered a vast range of subjects, from bumble bees to rocket science.

  2. Kalid F. says:

    Arrived promptly in great condition. Great little capsules of information very interesting for a curious 7 year old. It is large, like a coffee table book, so it is a bit​.

  3. Emmeline P. says:

    As big as a gong, the globe put Britain reassuringly centre-stage. Squatting on its right was a girl in school uniform, absorbed in a book. Over on the left a boy was similarly squatting, but was gazing awestruck at a model aircraft. Glib Janet-and-John sexual stereotyping, you might say. But nobody did say that sort of thing in 👆

  4. Ignacia M. says:

    Publishing The glory of Rome, a history of the A4, how to keep a basset hound … For 20 years, 'Look and Learn' dazzled its young readers with knowledge. Now it's back, in book form. 🧞

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