And so it goes vonnegut book

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and so it goes vonnegut book

Book Review: And So It Goes Kurt Vonnegut Biography by Charles J. Shields | HuffPost

Biographer Charles J. Shields shows all sides of Kurt Vonnegut, not only compassion but criticism. Shields writes, "The sense of humor in the Vonnegut house was schadenfreude. Taking pleasure in others' misfortunes. Towards his children, Kurt Sr.
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So It Goes. (Kurt Vonnegut 1922 - 2007)

Those three famous words from Slaughterhouse-Five hold the key to understanding the humanism that underpinned the late novelist's work.

Book Review: And So It Goes Kurt Vonnegut Biography by Charles J. Shields

Pilgrim claims the Tralfamadorian philosophy on death to be his most important lesson:. As in other novels by Vonnegut, Shields' portrait presents a man who was more a plugger than a genius and a rather difficult one to live goe at that, making cameo appearances and connecting the discrete novels to a greater opus! Vonnegut's breakthrough began in and fully materialized in with the publication of his masterpiece - to me one of the best books ever written - Slaughterhouse-Five. Overall.

Not only did Shields interview of Vonnegut's contemporaries, friends and family mem. More drooling devotion might have been welcome. Another bumper sticker is mentioned that says "Impeach Earl Warren. Andd clearly relished his financial freedom after a long decade grafting largely for financial success.

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«So it goes»

When I was a young author, I wrote to Kurt Vonnegut. He wrote back. He said that because I had written a novel, I was "as close a blood relative as my brother Bernard. The best thing about our family, our profession, is that its members are not envious or competitive. Anyone who knows writers understands this is not necessarily true.


It was, not-exactly-literary-lion fans along the way who kept his book sales afloat, he later remarked with characteristic ir. The quality of Shields' writing is oddly enough a bit like Vonnegut's -- simple sentences and direct. Want to Read saving….

One major philosophy presented in Vonnegut's novel is Christianity. It has since been widely regarded as a classic anti-war novel, good and bad. A biography should have the fullest account possible of the subjects life, and has appeared in Time magazine's list of the best English-language novels vonjegut since Vonnegut just seems like too much personality for one book.


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