Case and point consulting book

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case and point consulting book

Crafting Cases – Consulting Case Interview Preparation

Memorizing frameworks and lists of questions may help you get started on your case interviews, but they eventually drive your offers away. Most candidates start their case interview preparation following trusted resources. The problem? They can only get you so far…. They show you many frameworks to memorize, but never teach you how to build a custom structure for each case, as real management consultants do. No more learning plateaus. Tools and techniques straight from the consulting job.
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Let's face it, not the numbers, companies what to do. Where is the industry in its life cycle. What kinds of training programs does the firm offer. Write the numbers down so you can focus on the process.

Listen to the question; write it down; then repeat it to the interviewer. Will they continue to supply us! In addition, snd can sign up above to get notified and receive a discount code when we launch the final version of the book. She ended up at a top firm and took the journal with her.

Once all the information is filled in, the student turns the final slide toward the interviewer and poing him through it. Any major shifts in costs. I think my recommendation is correct and these are the reasons. What is our approximate cost per unit.

What percentage change is that. Go beyond the expected answer. Is this a good idea. If we were working on a project together, I would much rather have you ask me for help then have you waste a lot booj time banging your head against a wall.

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I have heard conflicting advice about using Case in Point. Do you guys think it is still a good prep resource? Do you guys think the whole framework approach is outdated? Starting to prep for interviews and would appreciate your advice!!! I will agree that the book has some useful commentary narrated in a jocular tone to effectively ease newbies into the tradition and nuances of the Case Interview.

Turn the question into a conversation? With a bit more revision, have to take losses - and often. How pronounced is it. And then as soon as they have introduced the p.

If you have time to only read one book, this is the one we would recommend. While the book is light on frameworks, we think that's ok as there are plenty of other resources, including your own brain power, where you can find frameworks. This is the book that dominates the reading list of most top MBA programs. Cosentino's book is comprehensive and includes many frameworks for many different business situations. The thing we find most useful in his books is the great list of ideas he has lining the pages of his book to say "cut costs" or "increase revenue". This can be extremely helpful when just begining your casing and your not sure what to ask or where to start.


Your notes might look like this. If you have read any, which ones would you recommend. This is a little bit cheeky but we are going to start by recommending our own upcoming case interview book. This is one of the reasons we developed our case interview guide.

Label the Case and Lay Out Your Structure ] This is by far the toughest part of the process, and you may want to take a moment at this point to think about structure. Information concerning the actual companies cited as examples may not be accurate. Poibt are much MUCH better resources that explain this better than I have tried to do above but the key is this: when you learn to conceptualise and structure problems on their own merits based on protocols rooted in logic, you will quickly see the inferiority of standard frameworks and wonder what the fuss is all about. Do you guys think the whole framework approach is outdated.


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