Al anon 12 steps and 12 traditions book pdf

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al anon 12 steps and 12 traditions book pdf

Alcoholics Anonymous : Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Alateen Info for Al-Anon Members. It is written by and for our members and goes through a review process by numerous Al-Anon members to assure that it conveys the program in a consistent and comprehensive manner. Literature profits are used to serve those affected by the disease of alcoholism in our area. In stock now. The Basics The basic Al-Anon principles and tools of recovery.
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What are the 12 Steps (Simplified) — What Principles Are Behind Them And What They Really Are.

Steps, Twelve Traditions and/or Twelve Concepts of Service. Our Three The Traditions evolved from the experience of A.A. groups in try‑ ing to solve their by study of the Twelve. Concepts of Service, found in the Service Manual, the books.

Al-Anon Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services; Guidelines for planning a convention. Eligibility The only requirement in AA is a desire tradiitions stop drinking. Guidelines for starting a new Alateen group.

The emphasis on this tradition is to keep the primary focus of the fellowship from becoming diluted. Area public outreach coordinator G Unity Common welfare comes first. The Serenity Prayer.

Cons of the Twelve Steps Some people aren't interested in participating in group settings. The step program is free. Facilitating communication between members, and all levels of service structure through to the World Service Bool, the group protects its basic structure and is self-supporting. Self-supporting By declining outside contributions.

How and Why Does it Work. The 12 traditions are the principles that keep step support groups, focused on their primary purpose of fellowship. Home Page. Suggestions for encouraging subscription and submission to the Forum magazine.

Al-Anon's twelve steps & twelve traditions. Front Cover Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, - Self-Help - pages. 1 Review. From inside the book.
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Twelve Steps

Alicia N. Al-Anon Family Groups - Al Anon Speaker - 12-Step Recovery

Is It For Me? What is an Intergroup Rep? Contact Us. The Twelve Steps. The Twelve Steps provide a means for taking specific, healthy actions in response to our frustration resulting from someone else's drinking. They help steer us away from the distorted thinking that inevitably results from such frustration.

Where Did the Twelve Steps Originate. Let It Begin With Me. Grief and loss affect almost every aspect of living-or having lived-with alcoholism. Step 10 : Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. Guidelines for planning a convention.

Addiction isn't a choice. The Twelve Steps are a set of guiding principles in addiction treatment that outline a course of action for tackling problems including alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsion. Step 1 : We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. Step 2 : Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Step 3 : Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. Step 5 : Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.


There may be committees or a secretary to help with handling contributions. Do Twelfth Step work of any kind. There is a longer version of the Serenity Prayer that states.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is traditionns force of healing and hope for individuals, God or a higher power. There is an ultimate authority, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. WSO Guidelines. By avoiding opinions on outside issues such as politics, AA and Al-Anon avoid controversy.


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