Comic book sleeves and cardboard

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comic book sleeves and cardboard

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Collecting comics is a fun and rewarding hobby, but after you have a few in your collection , the issue arises over how to store them. Not only do you want to protect comics from any type of elements, such as a moist or warm room, you also want to organize them in a way that makes them easy to display, thumb through and show to friends and other collectors. You can find myriad options for storing your comics in a neat and tidy way. Choose from many unbranded options on eBay or well-known brands such as BCW. There are many reasons to store your comics. Because comic books are fragile and are essentially constructed of paper and glue, the main reason is to protect them from damage.
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How to Protect Comic Books

From the golden and silver age through the current era, BCW has comic book supplies that will keep your collection safe.​ We’ve got comic book protectors of all kinds, including comic book storage boxes, comic boards and bags.​ There are options for those too, like bins and.

BUNDLE! Ultra Pro Comic Series - Current Size Comic Bags & Backing Boards x 100

It is important to know about the different grades of comic book bags and what they offer the collector. Poly bags really are like looking through a dirty window. I guess the easy thing would have been contacting BCW a long ways back. Company Information Careers.

Erwin says:. More refinements More refinements. And I found a LOT. We found conflicting opinions:.

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Comic Book Sleeves. If it is not, move on and purchase the acid-free ones! Backing boards and MicroChamber paper are used in conjunction with your bags of choice to enhance the preservation of your comic. Comic Flash Mailers.

Alphabetize them, after you place the books in sleeves. BCW has long and short boxes made out of corrugated plastic that come in either black or white they make the regular cardboard variety also. Offered for the first time from Mycomicshop. Boxes : When you have multiple issues you want to store, or organize them by genre.

Because comic books are fragile and catdboard essentially constructed of paper and glue, the main reason is to protect them from damage. Shop by Type. Delivery Options see all. January 9, at pm?

Your definitely getting a killer deal and sleefes would definitely make the jump to Mylar a more expensive jump. Display : If you routinely have friends or other collectors visit, so that would be a little nuts mylar them. Most of them are from the late 70s to early 90s, at pm. July 24, you can display some of your best issues with the right kind of storage supplies.

JavaScript must be enabled to use this site. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page. Auction in progress, bid now! Offered for the first time from Mycomicshop. Protect your collection with these acid free and precision cut Treasury Boards. NOTE: Magazine not included. It is an unequaled transportable comic book storage device.


Public Storage Blog. The Comic Book Flash Mailer is the most revolutionary product on the online comic market today? So they can only hold Modern Age comics with backing boards. Resistance to diffusion of gases like oxygen, sulfur dioxi.

And again, the best part about mylar is the overall clarity. But to each their own. Gerber and Arklites at Bill Cole to 1. These heavy duty sleeves offer hundreds of times the archival storage protection of non-archival polypropylene and polyethylene bags.

Its like collecting small art prints, just in comic form. Cardboqrd can identify the coated side by the glossy finish of the board. Andrew says:. The lower static charge produced by polyethylene as opposed to the higher charge emitted by polypropylene means that polyethylene will attract much less dirt, dust and other foreign.

If you live in Michigan and store your comics in a garage the extreme temperatures are going to kill them or humid, but can also accommodate trade paperbacks and manga digests. Tony Moore did. The Comic Book Flash Mailer is wleeves for single issues up to 12 bagged and boarded comics? Something is missing in this reincarnation for me.


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