Mimi and nikko book deal

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mimi and nikko book deal

Nikko Smith claims Mimi Faust lied about their relationship - Rolling Out

A whole lot did happen, but only some of it was worth discussing. You join your son at the strip club—no judgment, they do live in Atlanta—and he is served papers over back child support. Meanwhile, Erica finds herself at odds with Karlie Redd after she finds out that Karlie Redd went behind her back and started a clothing store without her despite them planning to open one together for months. Girl, have a sip of water and settle your ass down. By the way, only in Atlanta will a store in the mall have a red carpet with its opening.
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Stevie J Talks Talks Book Deal, Mimi Faust's New Boyfriend and Joseline Hernandez's Sex Toy Venture

Nikki London reveals why he deserves 25% of Mimi Faust's book deal.

That’s It?! You Won’t Believe How Much Mimi And Nikko Got Paid For Their Freaky Flick!

The short answer. Nina further questions this, and Joseline admits that she gets frustrated that Stevie doesn't tell her things and works with new artists when he could just be working to build up her career. Stevie is giddy, she said he's stubborn that w. As for Stevie J's constant battles over child support with other women.

They question the fact that she's ready to spill the tea on everyone? Facebook Twitter. With the finale behind us, March 6. VH1's top-rated show returns Monday.

Rasheeda and Erica Dixon both admitted they were wrong but could only really laugh about the whole situation that happened at the hotel room. The ladies even reminisce about the times they were stripping Miami. More Channels. So do you think they did.

Nikko says that he got the book done, but this wasn't one that anyone expected to hear? Thanks, Ariane. Part one of the reunion special ends with the ongoing mjmi between Joseline and Mimi. And the rest is history.

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Asimplebijou June 9, Uncategorized Leave a comment. As Mimi and Margeaux shake hands you can feel the tension. Mimi immediately addresses Nikko about suddenly claiming his wife. During their verbal exchanges and hand grabbing Margeaux asks Mimi if her friends know that she and Nikko actually planned the sex tape release together and she was the mastermind. Arianne stays and speaks to Margeaux but she continues to defend Nikko and insist that Mimi was in on the plan. However, Ariane is riding for her friend and Margeaux is riding for her husband.

Nikko reminds Stevie that he challenged Stevie to a street fight and was declined. Categories: Videos. She talked about how J. Mimi, who runs her own maid business.

VH1's top-rated show returns Monday, March 6. Mimi is well aware that much of what goes on is trumped up for the VH1 cameras, that there is a certain amount of staginess to the entire affair. She has had her own share of headline-making antics on the show, grappling with her ex Stevie J and his wackadoodle on-and-off girlfriend Joseline Hernandez , creating a sex tape with Nikko Smith and lying about it, then engaging in a surprise same-sex relationship season five. Mimi told me in an interview that she is dating someone, but she is refusing to let said person be on camera. She said placing her romances on camera has not been conducive to healthy interactions, that she is willing to risk the wrath of the show producers.


Michelle and Mimi Faust have a conversation, though. You have entered an incorrect email address. Unfortunately for him, he fell in love with someone who is just I love me some Ms.

Mimi sounds like she has smoked ten packs of cigarettes. Joseline tells Nina that she was in the wrong for wiling out the last time they were mimk this situation, but everyone was ganging up on her. So this only makes for more dramatic entertainment. It ended as poorly as we all expected it to.

See, Joseline can make friends. Quiet as its kept, she should have stayed her ass put. This reality tv money is some of the quickest and easiest money there is to get these days. Mimi sounds like she has smoked ten packs of cigarettes.

See, Joseline can make friends. They question the fact that she's ready to spill the tea on everyone? Features Love And Hip Hop. Michelle simply hit Ms.


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