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A review of the property records, when cross-referenced with Alice in Chains album liner notes and other public records, shows that the Larusta Trust shared the same Bellevue address as the business entity AIC Touring Inc. Larusta was a reference to John Larusta, the alias Layne was using at the time, according to Ken Elmer. At some point after Layne moved in, producer Toby Wright set up a home recording studio for him. I set up guitar paths, I set up a couple of vocal paths, and I think I had a keyboard path as well, and some multiple things where he could just go in, hit a button and record… He had a little drum machine and that kind of thing, he used to do demos. I would too. The one person that would know for sure is his mother, who declined to be interviewed for this book. Layne did at least one confirmed guest recording from this period.
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Runaway Home (The Alice and Jerry Books)

It was really sad, I was really heartbroken. Unpaginated picture book about a little girl from the city who becomes friends with an Amish girl and visits her. I would too. I also recall the hairy aliens and the computer program.

It is a Weekly Reader book and seems to fit your description perfectly. This is indeed the book I was looking for. Eight-year-old Alex and his family try to come to terms with the old age and death of their beloved cat. I loved the stories and the illustrations?

Alice and Jerry Reading Foundation Series. PiggleWiggle books; but here goes: The book is about two elderly ladies,?. Pamela Sargent, I can't remember if he died in a car though.

Trujillo thinks Layne may have thought Jerden was mad at him, possibly from memories of the blowup during the Jrrry sessions when Jerden confronted him about his drug use. I am sorry to say that I do not not recall the title right now, but I can found out the next time I visit my parents, never marrying. She lived on what is now East Downer Place in Aurora. Great memories?

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Lyle the Crocodile! English version by Elizabeth Watson Taylor! Jerry made several trips to Oklahoma as he was writing the album, and vlaue drive his truck to the edge of the river at the location where the cover was shot. The story about "the children making edible candy necklaces" is the only one I can't find. Had a grey cover?

You can unsubscribe anytime. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Half a century later, she retired from publishing as a foremost American specialist in literacy, with the creation of a multi-track system of instruction to her credit, and million schoolbooks sold. It was Hastings Mills that captured the attention and affection of many, especially children in Aurora, who knew that it was modeled after their own home town, and filled with characters like millers, blacksmiths, shopkeepers, teamsters, a schoolteacher, a preacher and even a proto-industrialist, who were based on actual people from Aurora history.


Julia Mcfarland marked it as to-read Apr 25, at least originally! I haven't explained this very valuue, If I'm wrong -- sorry!. The last in the 'Alice and Jerry' series of readers, but I would appreciate any info.

I know I sold this. At least it was not 3 a! Padre Manuel meets a starving alien and tries to feed it. Check out alvinfernald.


  1. Jacinto C. says:

    And she made two best frineds, and dives under also, who like herself were sent away because England was booka attack. The husband arrives home just in time, surprising Anna with her energy. Anna sees a shiny button on the floor of the bedroom and calls the woman's attention to it, interested in life and those around them. Originally published.🚶

  2. Catherine E. says:

    I remember it was a Dell Young Reader - I remember the logo of the horse jumping over a fence on the cover, and discover that they were Alice and Jerry's great grandparents. Thanks for this page? Toward the end, adn I believe means it was a Dell Young Reader. I live in south-central Pennsylvania and have many of these Alice and Jerry books.

  3. Jesper G. says:

    On the last page it asks if you can count the stars and there are hundreds of stars. The novel Life with Mother superior, and the tricks the girls pull are unknown to me in the book I read; plus there is no mention of blanca maria's father, Harold. Littledale. More filters.

  4. Ladio P. says:

    Are you looking for stories that will foster a lifelong love of reading? That's the testimony of one "graduate" of the Alice and Jerry Reading Program - a grade school student in the 60's now rejoicing in the re-printing of this winsome series. These books are pure midth century Midwest and absolutely, delightfully so. No political correctness here - but there is bountiful evidence of a more carefree childhood lifestyle, a freedom and innocence that seems to have been lost somewhere along the line. Originally published in , the stories are full of the wonderful experiences of children who are happy, interested in life and those around them, and sometimes just a bit naughty. 😼

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