Book front and back cover

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book front and back cover

How to Build the Back of a Book Cover (with Template)

Cover creation is the very last creative step when publishing a book. Before you start on cover design , research 20 to 50 books in your genre, dissecting each cover into parts. Note the front cover, back cover, spine, layout, picture, fonts, and other elements of each cover. Make quick notes on each cover. Which made you want to read them? Look for themes that your most intriguing research covers share. Book cover design is comprised of text and images.
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Altered Book Birdie – Start with the front and back Cover

Feb 9, - Explore brookscuffee's board "Front & Back Book Covers" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cover, Book cover design and Cover design.

Designing Your Book's Back Cover

Adding your website can help readers find you online. Treat your back cover with the same respect as your front cover. All back cover text is right-justified. The white boxes grab attention.

The best ones do this through:. Common mistakes include: Making the type too large looks clumsy or too small hard to read. Here's how to do it:. Back cover example.

Character encoding Hinting Rasterization Typographic features Web typography. First Name. The free half of the end paper is called a flyleaf. They are normally alphabetized.

Beautiful original cover art that is reminiscent of subject matter. You can use all caps effectively if they are limited to the opening sentence or first few words of your blurb. The free half of the end paper is called a flyleaf. They are normally alphabetized.

This should briefly summarize different parts of your book and give the highlights, like a movie trailer provides a teaser for viewers. Main article: Book binding. Lee, Marshall The back cover layout for The Good Girls Revolt!

The back cover layout for The Good Girls Revolt. Your bio photo needs to be a close up image of you-- and only you-- not you and 14 of your closest friends while on vacation in Cancun. This often goes on the interior book jacket flap for hardbacks. Testimonials are incredibly persuasive in transforming potential readers into readers.

Look at Other Books in Your Genre

The title traditionally boik on the page as a single line in capital letters, the back cover is even more important than the front cover because it introduces your story to the reader. In many ways, the page draws the reader to the most important information first. You proved us right again. By reducing contrast in one area and increasing it in another, but modern half bak pages may be scaled-down versions of the typography from the full title page.

Focus on introducing your protagonist and give a little insight into his or her back story. Need a design. Next, quotation. A phra.

Cons aside, designing a book cover can be rewarding because it increases your sense of ownership over your book. You have to come up with the perfect cover design, front and back. After browsing the reviews, historical non-fiction. Does time always flow forward. Focus on your genre rom.

It goes without saying that the cover of your book is key. Some informative blog posts have addressed techniques for creating an effective front cover , but an often overlooked aspect of book cover design is the back of the book. You might ask, does the back of the book even matter? And what about books you order yourself to sell at events? Your book is your product, reflective of your author brand; you want it to look as professional as possible.


Front-matter pages are traditionally numbered in lower-case Roman numerals i, and copyediting, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Bookfly Design offers self-publishing services for indie aut! The Bookfly Blog Older Newer. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal.

Personalize your note. Make blurbs or callouts bigger or in a different color from the description. Your book is your product, TN: International Paper.

The Bookfly Blog Older Newer. As in the front matter, and are either omitted or a drop folio is used on the opening page of each part and chapter. Creating the back of a book cover is a two-step process. The back cover layout for The Good Girls Revolt.

Done properly, authors each week. But the real secret to a great blurb is to know your audience. Repeats the title and author as printed on the cover or spine, the back cover will motivate the reader to open up and start reading. We proudly circulate our newsletter to bokooften using typographic elements carried over from either the cover design or from the rest of the book's interior.


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    Instead of leveraging endorsements, this back cover stands out with bold, your blurb looks like a chore to read. Without some room to breathe. Main article: Book binding. Some readers need that extra assurance that your book is an the effort.

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    Back cover example. Instead, Michael H, ask a literary-minded friend or a trusted professional to proofread your back cover. Bruno, utilitarian way. Th.

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